“Having worn Pete’s Thermal Jeans since this first frost this year I am able to say that I am having a better winter health wise than I have had in many a year. As a retired motor mechanic used to working in cold drafty wind whistling workshops with water dripping down my neck I now have Arthritis in my legs, spine and hands. Wearing Pete’s Thermal Jeans has given me a whole new life during the Winter months. The warmth retained by the jeans is incredible. I no longer suffer from cold legs and feet and my intake of pain killers has been cut in half. I have even been able to reduce the air con temperature. I reckon the government ought to supply every one with a pair of Pete’s Thermal Jeans as it would be a lot cheaper trying to insulate all those old draughty homes.”

Mike Andrews

“I have to go out in very cold conditions so I thought I would give Pete’s Thermal Jeans a try. I was instantly warm as soon as put them on. I can now go out in freezing conditions and still stay warm; with no wind chill at all. My thermal jeans are just wonderful. I have two pair and the build quality is very good and they are made to fit properly.”

Jon Spencer

“As a result of buying my thermal jeans my legs are no longer cold in my warehouse job or while watching my daughter playing sport. At night it no longer takes half an hour to defrost in bed. Before I bought my thermal jeans I just managed to survive my warehouse job. I was always cold-even with 6-8 layers on top and thermals under trousers. Now with Pete’s Thermal Jeans I’m always warm and comfortable.”

Andrew Forlong

“My thermal jeans give me instant warmth especially on frosty mornings"

Algar Bath

“After getting Pete’s Thermal Jeans I have eliminated some pain (in my knees etc) and I’m also now riding my bicycle and enjoy walking again. The jeans have greatly improved my mobility, my legs are warmer, therefore I’m able to perform my household chores with ease.”

Anthony D Fraser

“Petes thermal jeans are good for aches and pains and good for us aged ones. Without these jeans in a cold winter my voice is squeaky. With my thermal jeans my voice is deep. I highly recommend these thermal jeans.”

Arthur Glazer

“We bought two pair of thermal jeans for our son last year and he said they were good and warm and comfortable. You feel warm as soon as you put them on. And you don’t feel the cold even if you sweat in them.”

Kevin Purchase

“I work outside and suffer from rheumatism in my knees and find normal jeans too cold. Pete’s thermal jeans have helped alleviate my aching knees and also keep my torso warmer.”

Timothy Joesph Jackson

“A great benefit of my thermal jeans is I can now safely go out in cold weather and not fear that I am going to break out in a rash due to Cold Urticavia"

Jean Yoi

“Pete’s Thermal Jeans are wonderfully warm and cosy for the early beach walks I do each morning regardless of the weather. They are so warm feeling when you put them on. They are also perfect for working in my freezing cold office! I would highly recommend these thermal jeans. First because they are so warm and cozy-like being wrapped in a thick warm blanket but still mobile and functional. I bought my daughter some for outdoor work in winter and she is wearing them to her office job.”

Elizabeth Hill

“I was convinced to buy Pete’s thermal jeans to help my arthritic aches and pains throughout the winter. They have done that. Every winter I live in my thermal jeans. There is a very noticeable difference keeping legs and hips warm and a lot less pain during colder months. Even when wet my thermal jeans are better than wool as keep you so very warm. I love putting them on they’re so cosy and warm to wear. I now have two pair of thermal jeans for work and a pair for lounging around in. I have purchased a pair for my elderly father and also two pair for a son who also suffers from Arthritis.”

C Strawbridge

“I first tried on Pete’s thermal jeans on a cold day and didn’t want to take them off. They keep my old bones warm in the cold. I have now purchased four pairs for myself and my family.”

Barry Moir

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