“I have osteo arthritis in my right knee. I wanted to greatly alleviate the aches and pains in my legs so purchased my thermal jeans. These jeans have greatly enhanced blood circulation in legs; have eased pain considerably in right knee; and make getting up on frosty morning much easier. My thermal jeans are sufficiently ‘dressy’ to be worn on occasions round about town. I also seem to maintain an even and comfortable body temperature-i.e. I don’t become hot and sweaty."

Earle Gower

“I felt the warmth as soon as I tried on my thermal jeans. I brought two pair and I have been in them ever since. I now enjoy driving with warm legs, my legs are kept warm while working in cool stores. They are invaluable for work and I just don’t feel the cold as much anymore.”

David Wilson

“My thermal jeans are brilliant on the scooter on frosty mornings. So warm. They are great on cold days at Rugby or out walking. I recommend them for the warmth. Cosiest jeans I have ever worn. I love them for work.”

Barry Stuart

“Now I have my thermal jeans there is a big improvement in my well being. If I dress up for a social occasion I can’t wait to get home to my thermal jeans”

Laurel Masson

“With my thermal jeans I am nice and warm all day and don’t stiffen up if sitting for a while. If they get wet you are not cold. Cold winds don’t get through them.”


“I purchased my thermal jeans after positive feedback from someone else. I feel cosy when working in the morning. I now love the cold weather because you feel so cosy.”

Wu Jian Qui

“Before purchasing Pete’s thermal jeans my husband had circulation problems. He felt the cold terribly and had lots of leg trouble. He has been laid up for ages and was ‘miserable’. After approx two months we see a marked improvement. As soon as he put them on he felt warm and cosy. His legs are much improved, he has much more energy and his general well being is greatly improved as well. I recommend these thermal jeans as I’ve seen the improvement in Bruce’s health. After years of leg problems it seems like a miracle. We bought a second pair for Bruce so he always wears them. He’s thrilled to bits.”

Joan McKenzie

“My thermal jeans really keep me warm even on a cold windy day. So much so that I bought another two pairs and use them all day long as I have enough pairs for change. My thermal jeans have improved my life in the sense that I am not afraid to go out on a cold and windy day. There is one word to describe my thermal jeans and that is FANTASTIC”.

Krishanan Naidu

"I work in an environment in Hastings that receives little light until the afternoon. Also our buildings are sheds with old walls and the cold mornings and frosts during winter are very cold up to -3 degrees and more in the westerly winds. With my thermal jeans I have no more cold legs and back during frosty mornings. Farmers would definitely benefit from these thermal jeans and also sourthern areas that have frosts. And anyone that works outdoors or in boning rooms or are orchard workers I would recommend these thermal jeans to any company that has an outdoor working environment or cool store environment.”

Kerry Karene

“I suffered from the cold wearing plain jeans. With my thermal jeans I no longer had a problem from the cold as they were great to wear. The cold that I had suffered while in the wheelchair as I was out and about is no longer a problem. No more aches and pains in my knees or legs. The benefits of wearing Pete’s thermal jeans are many, most of all is the lack of chill. The cold weather is no longer a problem for me. The thermal jeans prevent any chill wind from getting around my legs. They keep me warm and cosy. I would highly recommend Pete’s thermal jeans to anyone that is outside.”

Tom Taggart

“I have found my thermal jeans to be comfortable and warm to wear. Particularly in the evenings. I have a friend who is crippled with a stroke and after wearing your thermal jeans he has found them to be beneficial to his condition.”

Mr D Farley

“I had some very positive feedback from our son who wears Pete’s Thermal Jeans. I definitely feel warmer. It is like having heaters on your legs. Having recently retired I needed heating on all day. I don’t need the heating on now so will save the price of the jeans in the first month of wearing them.”

Peter Jones

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